J. Harold Smith president of Radio Bible Hour once did an absolute fast of 40 days (water only) while reading the Bible 1.5 times, preached 82 times, and traveled 10 thousand miles. (Whoa amazing)

This book is out of print but you can purchase used copies from amazon starting at 1 penny and it is well worth reading even if you had to pay $20.

J. Harold Smith was saved just a few days after graduating college, he had planned to go to Medical school and instead surrendered to the call of God on his life to preach. I never had the chance to hear him preach in person but several years ago he was preaching at Woodstock Baptist Church in Woodstock Georgia where I went to a conference and I just missed him. His sermon that night was the talk of the conference and it was there that I picked up this copy of his book. It was published in the 70s and still completely relevant in 2011. I read a lot about fasting and none are better than this one. You can purchase this book starting at a penny on amazon and it is out of print so the copies are used.

In this book Smith looks at the triple benefits of fasting, Physical, mental, and spiritual.

He was a person who started fasting at 40 years of age and from that time to his death at 91 years of age, he lived a fasted life and a healthy life. I would have to go further and say that he lived a blessed life, one that was blessed with leading many people to a relationship with Jesus Christ.

It is a short book, only 119 pages, you owe it to yourself to get this book and discover a discipline that God ave to us that has been all but forgotten in the church of today. Many people don’t even know what the word fasting means and that is sad.

J. Harold Smith stated that it was easy to see that men and women in the Bible fasted and prayed it gained Gods attention and response. How can we afford to miss this in a day when there seems to be so little power in the church.

I want to see a move of God like the modern world has never seen and I believe it will be done when His people humble ourselves and seek His face and stop just seeking His hand and the blessings that He gives. This book and rediscovering the spiritual discipline of fasting will help you to do just that.


‎”A lust for food has sent many an individual to an early grave: a grave dug with a fork.” J. Harold Smith

‎”Beginning almost at birth & the 3 times a day stuffing program that is common in our so called modern civilization, average individuals in average communities never experience genuine hunger.” J. Harold Smith

‎”Are you a “Foodaholic”? Do you eat when you’re not hungry? (J. Harold Smith is beating me to death)

‎” We sacrifice the favor of God when we make food ( or anything else) more important than giving heed to the solemn warnings of the biblical writers.” J. Harold Smith

“Fasting is not nearly so deadly as feasting.” J. Harold Smith