Day 7 of 40 Day Fast 2012

Day 7 was a great day, weather in the mid 60s on January 7th is a miracle in itself so we were able to be outside much of the day. I have had some crazy dreams but none that were real meaningful yet, except the ones that demonstrate my addiction to food. I walked a mile and prayed today and felt really strong. I weighed in at 202.3 pounds.

It was my Sabbath Day of Rest, hung out with the kids and grand kids, read a little and sat by the fire pit for a couple of hours. (nothing like an open fire)

The desire to eat today was much less (until Misty made Muffins for church on Sunday) That was difficult.

Went out to dinner with Misty, the kids, Mom and dad and I had water. Even though the smells were great, I didn’t have strong urges to eat. God is teaching me a lot about waiting and not having to have what it is that I think I need. If a person can tame the food appetite I believe any appetite is in the realm of defeat. I guess this takes away my excuses for not being able to withstand those other worldly desires that so easily entangle us.

God is good and He is keeping me strong. I have noticed that I wake up very alert and have no need for coffee. I wonder if I am resting that much more fully or if it is the absence of caffeine or a combination of no caffeine and no food?


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