Fast Day 16, 2012

It has been a few days since I updated on the fast. I am in day 16 and doing great physically. There is a battle raging mentally, I want to eat. Let me assure you that I have not experienced a hunger pain in the 16 days. As a matter of fact I feel the best physically that I have felt in the past two years, I am 23 pounds lighter. This brings a question to my mind. As good as I love to eat, I haven’t experienced a hunger pain. What does this say about having a real hunger for God? Are we really hungry for him? If so how do we really show it? Is it that we read the Bible, pray, and then go about our daily business? I don’t really think so. As a matter of thought, I don’t really think very many people are hungry for Him today. Yes we go to church and read our Bibles but that doesn’t hurt at all. If something better comes along, like the lake, golf, a picnic, whatever it may be that draws us away from our church and Bible reading time, we easily brush it off.

What are we doing that costs us anything when it comes to seeking God?


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