Book Review: Everyone Communicates Few Connect by John Maxwell


I started reading this book several months ago and finally have it finished. I have this habit of getting started in a book and something in the book sparks my interest and I set off on a trail to research whatever it is further. This book sparked my interest once again to develop my leadership abilities. There is one thing that John Maxwell has taught me over the past 25 years and that is “A leader has to continually grow or he or she will cease to be a leader.”

One way you know that you are a leader is that you have people following you. This doesn’t mean they are blind followers, it means that you have influence in their lives and they trust you as someone who walks the talk. This book backs that up ever so wonderfully. Here are some of the takeaways I received from the book and they are HUGE takeaways.

In order to connect with people, they have to know that you care about them.

Good communicators, leaders, connectors, do not see themselves as the center of attention. They see their audience as someone they care about and want to help them understand something that is important. We are co-laborers so to speak, each one as important as the other. They see themselves as guides offering help.

Connecting is never about me, it is always about the one with whom I am connecting.

When we communicate. What we say accounts for 7% of what is believed, the way we say it accounts for 38%, and what others see accounts for 55%. WOW

Here is my favorite takeaway from the book. “You must be the message that you want to deliver.”

Effective communicators are high-energy.

Here is my 2nd favorite takeaway from the book. “Connecting requires stamina-Recharge. Connecting can be draining. If we aren’t careful we can be completely depleted of energy! Find out what energizes you, and take time for it. Then you will have reserves to draw on when needed.

As a communicator, it is our job to bring clarity to a subject.

The fundamental law of learning is repetition. Say it over and over, studies show a person has to hear something 16 times before they believe it.

People need to see your passion, conviction, and concern for the subject matter you are communicating. This gives you credibility and people will listen. By the way people can see a fake. Walk the talk or you will never succeed in being a leader/communicator.

If you want to move people to action, give them an action plan!

Of course it is 5 stars out of 5, every John Maxwell Book I have read has been 5 stars, this one is no different.




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