Book Review: Three Free Sins by Dr. Steve Brown

Dr. Steve Brown has done it again. I read everything that he writes and I own more of his sermons than any preacher I have ever listened to. Steve Brown has taught me more than any other preacher in my entire life. He has taught me about leadership, he has taught me about being a teacher, and a preacher, but most of all Steve Brown has taught me about the Radical Love of God.

That is what this book is about, “Three Free Sins” is not a joke and it isn’t a gimmick to get people to read another book. Steve really believes that God loves us and that is what matters. He is not advocating sin, he is advocating taking God at his word when he says, he took our sin when he died on the cross.

This is not a book for the faint at heart, the judgmental, or the religious, or maybe it is. It might oil a person’s mind and heart and help them to see truth. Steve says when one has seen truth, one cannot un-see truth.

In my opinion, everyone should read this book to find the truth about what God thinks of you. You might be surprised that He loves us in spite of us and in spite of our sin.

56 out of 5 stars, lol




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