Wow, Looking Back

Wow, as we look back over the past 14 months, Just look where God has brought from and where He has taken us to. It is hard for us to grasp all of what He really has done.

We started with the names of 37 people on a sheet of paper who wanted to come to Main Street and start a New Worship Service to reach New People for Christ and we worshiped with 212 people yesterday. Matter of fact we have been consecutively worshiping with more than 200 people for several months now. We are at the place in our congregations life that we need to look at expansion.

I get the joy of hearing many of the stories that you may not be able to hear by virtue of being the pastor. The stories of lies being set free are so many. People who have testified that their families have been put back together, people who have carried a burden of past sin for years and now they have been set free. People who have carried shame are now walking in freedom and the list goes on and on and on. We have many who have come back to church after being out for more than 20 years. I am amazed and yet this is just what we prayed for, why would we be so amazed.

We have broken all kinds of records for a congregation growing this fast in a town the size of Hillsville. I am thankful for God’s blessing and His guidance and I am thankful for a lot of hard-working people.

I don’t want to miss anyone so I will speak in general terms.

We have one of the absolute best praise teams I have ever heard and many people back that up every week. They work hours and hours in practice in order to bring us to a place of worship and celebration every week. In my opinion this group is the best there is around for Christ. We have a great team who operate the sound, lights, video, and recording. These folks also put in hours and hours of work as they work with the band every time they play. We have an outstanding group of people working with the children from nursery to older children and that area is getting ready to expand to include more age groups. We have an awesome team who works hard to welcome and greet people as they come to OOTBWC, from the time they get to the door until they get inside the worship area there are people waiting to greet them and help make them at home.

We have many who have answered the call to step out (to Jump when God says Jump) and do ministry with those in need. From cutting trees, delivering firewood, babysitting, making wheelchair bags for those who are unable to walk freely, taking clothing to those in need, delivering household items to those who need them, the list goes on an on. We are a church who is taking the gospel literally and getting out where the need is.

Thank you, you are an answer to a lot of years of prayer. You are the answer to the need of a lot of people who are finding Christ. But most of all, you are answering the Call of God to be Disciples, to Follow Him.

Thank you 1st Hillsville UMC-Out of the Box Worship Center, you are Awesome!

Pastor Ronnie

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