Have you ever wanted to ask God WHY?

For most people this is a no brainer. There have been many times in my life when I have asked God Why.

When my sister was killed at the age of 26, I asked God why.

When my brother was killed at the age of 46, I asked God why.

There of course have been many other times in my life that I have had a dialogue with God about why certain things happened. Things like the following.

Why don’t people in church always get along?

Why do people who love each other hurt each other?

Why do people have to die?

If you are a good God, why do bad things happen to those who love you?

If you have the ability to stop evil, why don’t you?

Why are there starving people in the world?

Why do so few hold the wealth when so many have nothing?

Why don’t you answer my prayer when you have obviously answered other people’s prayers?

Why, Why, Why?

The truth is, you can know the answers to these questions. That’s right, the answers are contained in the Bible. That is, if you are willing to lay aside your preconceived notions, if you are willing to lay aside the misinformed answers you received at some point that caused you to give up hope. If you are willing to see the truth, answers are available.

They may not always be the answer that you want but the Bible says you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. 

Come be set free, join us for the next 4 weeks on Sunday morning and discover the answers to the questions you have always wanted to know.

Out Of The Box Worship Center

Main Street Hillsville Va

9am and 1030am 

Everyone is welcome, no dress code, no belief requirements before you can come to seek answers.

Ask Your Questions and Get Answers Now

Leave your questions as a comment here on the blog, send me a facebook mail, tweet, email, or text. Just send me your question and over the next 4 weeks I will either answer your question in the sermons on Sunday, on the blog, on Three Minute Thursdays or in a dialog on facebook, your choice.

Lets start the conversation, the question you have is likely shared by many who have never felt the freedom to question “WHY.”

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