“Christians historically contributed some of the most important insights on public speaking. Early Christians discerningly adapted speech practices from the ancient Greeks, who founded rhetoric (the art of persuasion).”


One of my goals to be a Lifelong Learner and Public Speaking is one of my passions. I picked up this book after reading John Maxwell’s most recent book and being encouraged to be the best that I can be in the place where God has called me.

I found it to be a helpful book, very practical, and something for everyone. There was not a lot of new information in this book but lots of great reminders that I needed.  

As the title states, this book is filled with the “essentials”. This would be a great book for starters as well as a great refresher for those of us who speak on a regular basis. One of the things that I was reminded of in this work is that we as preachers have been entrusted with people’s time and given their attention, we need to do our best.