The Broken Hearted

The Broken Hearted - Title


No words at this moment are going to make us feel better about the tragedy that just happened in Newtown Connecticut but according to scripture, God draws close to us when our hearts are broken. 

I just read something in USA Today that intrigues me. “After tragedy in Connecticut, have we finally had enough?

The article goes on to say, “On this horrific Friday, we went to an awful place even this blood-soaked society has never been. And what you wonder is how we ever find our way back. When enough will finally be enough, or if we are too far gone now.

We live in a culture that profits from and is entertained by violence but then we are shocked and sickened when the violence really happens and we are shaken from our slumber.

I have another question and it is a question for my friends, for my congregation, and for the Christians around the world. After yet another tragedy that has shaken us to our knees, a tragedy like no other when it involves innocent little children, defenseless, precious, beautiful, little children, have we finally had enough?

What in the world can one person really do?

You can change the world!

It is time as Christians that we stop playing at the foot of the cross. It has been 2000 years and Jesus hasn’t returned so we grow complacent. We just assume that the world is going to continue for ever and we cry out to God when trouble strikes. But we soon forget.

We can’t afford to forget any more.

Have you finally had enough?

We will address the Broken Hearts in our worship services on Sunday Morning at Out Of The Box Worship Center. I hope that you will join us and that you will bring those with you who are hurting and they are many.

9 & 1030am Downtown Hillsville

516 North Main Street

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