It’s A New Day Because One Life Has Been Poured Out To Save Many

Its a new day

First of all, I’m not an artist. I really can’t draw a stick man very well.  So I was more than a little uncomfortable when I arrived at an SPR (Staff Parish Relations) meeting last night and the Chair of the committee handed all of us a crayon and a sheet of paper and asked us to draw anything we wanted to draw.

I had just returned from the Holston Ministers Convocation and something that Bishop Virginia Taylor said in her sermon that morning was still on my mind.

“It’s a new day because one life has been poured out to save many.”

Of course the message was based on the fact that Jesus poured out his life that the many could be saved. But the message was about more than that. Bishop Taylor shared the story of a pediatrician who was an atheist/agnostic but she had said she would hold out for that one person who might be able to convince her there was a God. This pediatrician came in contact with a 2-year-old patient who was battling a disease. She did everything possible for the little girl and still at the age of 7 the little girl died. The pediatrician was there with the family as the little girl took her last breath and just before she died, the little girl sat up in bed and says with a smile on her face, “don’t you hear it, the angels are singing, its beautiful, don’t you hear it?”

This one little girls life was poured out that many could be saved.

First Jesus, then the disciples, this little girl, and thousands of others through history have poured out their lives to save many.

As a pastor I understand the stress and strain of ministry. As a friend of pastors I hear stories all the time that break my heart. It amazes me how badly some people are treated by those in churches. Many times it isn’t the problems ministers face with ministry to those outside the church but rather the battles are with those inside. It can be very hard. Matter of fact a high number of people leave ministry calling for secular work because it is just too much stress.

That said, as a pastor, I have poured my life out and I pour it out every day, that others may be saved.

It is a New Day, the sun comes up new each morning and The Son is alive and His Grace of new every morning. Will you pour your life out so others may spend eternity in heaven? Sacrifice some things in this short life to gain reward in eternity? In light of this truth, this life isn’t much of a sacrifice.


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