The Top 8 Books I Read in 2015

OK, I read a lot of book and I love it. If I am waiting in line I am reading, waiting in traffic, I am reading. I would rather read than watch television. I just love to read. These are not in any certain order but they are my favorites of 2015.


beautiful boy If you are an addict, if you love someone who is an addict, or if you want to help your children maneuver the mine fields of life, this is a great book to read. I wish I had the book 15 years ago when our nightmare started with 2 family members venturing into a life of drug and alcohol abuse. I wish I had it to give to my mom and dad who spent almost everything they had, even their health, trying to make these 2 well. Read it and share it, it will help.

tweak nic sheff Absolutely gut wrenching but everyone should read it if you in any way deal with someone in addiction. This is the story in Nic Sheff’s own words, of his life on drugs. From drug abuse to recovery to relapse and back to do it all over again. this should be required reading for every parent for a better understanding of the dangers of drug use and abuse. Read it in conjunction with Beautiful Boy by David Sheff.

Being Mortal As a pastor I have believed for a long time that we should teach our people to die well. Yes, I know that may seem a dreadful thing for some but for Christians who have hope in eternity we should of all people not be afraid to talk about life, death, and the life after. This is a well written book about end of life decisions. decision that could allow a person to live out their remaining days with respect and joy, not in a hospital being kept alive but unresponsive for weeks and months on end. It is written by a doctor in layman’s terms. Very readable.A must read of pastors, those of us getting older, and those caring for aging parents and family members.

book of mychal I read the name of Mychal Judge in a devotional book written by Regina Brett. I am sure I heard the stories about Mychal in September on 2001 but it never registered until now. Many people who call themselves Christ followers will never read this book because they have heard that Mychal was gay or they don’t like the fact that some ugly words are used in the book but that’s why I love this book. It’s real and we need for people to be real. Mychal Judge sounds like someone I wish I could have sat and talked with. He sounds like a Christ Follower who struggled with being human as we all do but yet he stayed true to his calling to remain celibate. Great book.

messy grace Outstanding book that every Christian should read to better understand the issue facing every church in the world today. The issue of homosexuality and how the church should respond has been handled so badly through the past 50 years. This is a great work that doesn’t compromise the scripture. It tells the truth of the matter and it is so much deeper than loving the sinner and hating the sin. It is about the grace of our great God.

Jesus outside the lines The book isn’t really what I expected. I thought for some reason it would be watered down to appease the culture but it isn’t like that at all. Most in the culture will respect what the author has written whether they believe it or not. It is a really well written defense of the scriptures. There is plenty here for everyone, believer and non believer.

trip around the sun Anything from Mark Batterson is worth reading.

washed and waiting I am in a denomination that in the midst of a raging battle over the ordination and recognizing the marriage of same sex couples. I picked up this book because I didn’t know that such a book existed. All that I have really heard is from the far left or the far right on this issue. This is a biblical account of what the bible teaches and of a man who is being brutally honest about his struggles. My hat is off to Wesley Hill and I will make it my daily honor to pray for Wesley and others who struggle with same sex attraction. But not only that, Wesley has written a book that every Christian should read because I don’t know many who are attracted to the opposite sex who take seriously what God Thinks and expects of them in their sexuality. An excellent book by a great young man.


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