A member of my congregation suggested that I might like this book, for many reasons and weight loss wasn’t one of them. Honest, the book isn’t a diet plan, it is a plan, a lifestyle of keeping the gut clean so the rest of the body healthy. By the way, the author says if we have a healthy gut we will automatically lose weight without even trying.

The first thing the author recommends is a tea brewed from several herbs that I discovered can be purchased at the local grocery store. You are supposed to drink 4-5 cups of this brew every day from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on how much of a clean up you may need. There is a questionaire in the book to help you make the right decision.

After the initial cleanse there is a suggested plan to keep you healthy along with the occasional cleansing. It doesn’t seem all that difficult to follow and after the first day Misty and I are both seeing positive results in the way we feel.

Let me tell you who this book would most benefit. If you are feeling tired all the time, no matter how much you sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, tossing and turning all night long. If you have found yourself, like me, gaining weight even though you don’t feel like your eating habits are that bad. Then you might like this plan.

Misty and I made the commitment to try the initial cleansing phase, me 4 weeks and Misty probably 2 weeks and if this makes a positive impact we will move on to the next steps. By the way, this seems to be a plan that one could carry throughout your life without major interruption. It isn’t a diet, it is a healthy way to live and eat for the most energy, and the clearest mind a person could and should have.