My number one priority, if elected to be your Supervisor in the Fancy Gap District, is to represent you and not my individual concerns. I can’t make any specific promises except that we will work hard to make our community better together.
One initiative that’s important to me is to ensure that your voices are heard. Here are two ways I will work to make that happen. First, I will work to make the board meetings easily accessible to more people. Currently board meetings are open to the public except in matters that are of such nature they need to be private. Through researching I have found that some localities broadcast their meetings live via the internet. I will work for this option for our citizens as well. This would give immediate and improved access to the business of our county, flexibility in ways to be involved in these meetings, and an improved platform for citizens to voice concerns. Second, I would like to bring back Community Listening Sessions. I recently attended a meeting at St. Paul School where the community came together to discuss the drug problem in our community. We didn’t solve anything that day, but because we came together, people are now dreaming and working on ideas to improve our community. I believe working together is the only way to have the community that we want. As your Supervisor, we would have Community Listening Sessions twice a year, with the ability to call meetings sooner if needed. Together we can represent the concerns of our community and work to find solutions. It is said that two heads are better than one; however, I believe that the whole community working together and pulling in the same direction is best.
As I have visited throughout the community, I have heard many different concerns. I can’t promise to bring water to every citizen. I can’t promise to get rid of the fee paid by those who aren’t hooked to county water. I can’t promise to have a sheriff’s deputy at any specific place at any specific time. I can’t promise that we will find a solution for every place in our beautiful community where people dump their garbage with no respect for the people or land. I don’t have a solution for the best garbage service for our citizens. I can’t promise that all the drug dealers will be put out of business. These issues represent just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the concerns expressed to me by our community. The only thing that I can promise is that we will work hard to find solutions to issues together; and to make the Fancy Gap District and Carroll County as a whole a place where people want to live and raise their families, and a place where businesses want to locate, create jobs, and produce revenue that goes back into our community.
I don’t see issues as problems; they are opportunities for us to work together as a community and to grow stronger together.
I would appreciate your support on June 13th, 2017.
Ronnie G Collins
Ronnie and Misty.Campaign 2017