Average. I can’t think of anything good to say about average. I have been hearing statistics in the past week like the following.

The average Christian gives 2% of their income to God in the tithe.

The average Christian brings someone to Christ every 38 years.

The average Christian goes to church 3 out of every 8 weeks.

The Bible is clear about a lot of things and one thing I know, I don’t want to be an average Christian. I could make many arguments on these issues but those who are convinced against their will are still unconvinced. Rather than make an argument I want to do some bragging.

I serve the God of the universe. He is the way, the truth, and the life, and no one comes to the Father except they first come through Him. They come through Him because He is the way God has chosen. His name is Jesus and he came to earth, not as an average man but as an excellent man. He came on a mission to save the world and He knew that average would never save the world. Jesus, the Bible tells us is the most excellent God/man. Yes, that’s right, the Bible says that He was God who took on human form being found as a man.

Born into a world of average people, Jesus chose to not be average.

You see, average would have taken a beating to save a few. Average would have suffered a little while to make a difference in some. Average would have said enough is enough, thrown in the towel, and quit.

I am so glad that my Jesus isn’t average but excellent. Jesus paid the ultimate price so that I could live. Not just live eternally but live life to the fullest now. Jesus hung on a cross, a cruel form of punishment, not for a time and then came down. Jesus shed his blood and gave his very life so that I could live.

God says the first fruits are His, 10 percent.

God says “Go and make disciples.” (Everywhere, at all times.)

God says, “Don’t neglect meeting together with the body.”

Don’t be average. Average at best is lukewarm.

Pastor Ronnie