Wisdom from Noah and my friend Stacy Redd

Noahs Ark

If you’re like most people, including myself, there are times when you need some encouragement. This evening I went to the Sheriff’s Department to be a blessing and I was the one who received a blessing. Stacy is a friend and fellow Chaplain for our local Sheriff’s department and tonight he talked about a man in the bible named Noah.

God came to the point He was sorry he had created mankind. Everyone on the earth was doing his or her own thing and they had essentially forgotten the God who created them. God did however find faith in Noah and He made a decision to salvage what He had created through this man named Noah. So imagine with me if you will, God comes to Noah and says, I’m going to destroy the earth, everything and everyone will be destroyed by a flood. But Noah and his family will be saved if Noah will build a boat.

Think with me for a moment, Noah is going to build a boat in the middle of the dessert. It doesn’t rain in the dessert. Now, imagine the people making fun of Noah for such an insane notion. I am sure there was no shortage of people laughing and calling him crazy. God gave Noah the details of how tall, how wide, where to put the windows, everything down to the door. And then God says that Noah is to take his family and a certain number of animals aboard the boat and close the door, when the time is right. And once Noah closes the door, no one else is coming in.

Now let me go back for a minute and catch up. Noah was no doubt like you and me. Noah occasionally needed some encouragement. He was a smart man and he knew how bad things were. He knew that people were doing their own thing and that they had forgotten the One who created them. Sounds a lot like 2020 to me.

So Noah no doubt wanted to see change, you and I no doubt want to see change in our world today. So God comes to Noah and says to him, change is coming, but in the meantime, there is work to do. Go build a boat and when the time is right, go into the ark and close the door.

God no doubt is saying the same thing to you and me tonight. When the time is right, I will return and the door will be closed. No one at that time will be able to come in. In the meantime, there is work to be done. Don’t grow weary in well doing. Don’t quit, there will be time to rest when we get home.

If you’re feeling discouraged tonight, you’re in good company. But take courage my friend, Jesus is coming soon.