Being a Chaplain during a Pandemic

At its core, chaplaincy is less about religion than it is about simply listening, lending a sympathetic and non-judging ear, and serving whatever the need may be. Included in this is being a resource to those working through questions of life, death and everything between. I am a Christian and when the opportunity arises for me to share what I believe then I will certainly do so but as a chaplain, my primary call is to serve.

I serve in many roles as a chaplain including the role of Senior Chaplain for our local Sheriff’s Department. In this role I may be called upon whenever the Sheriff or an Officer sees or has a need.

How does that affect me in this time of Coronavirus?

I am here to serve and I will go within the guidelines set out by the Sheriff’s Department and our government whenever there is a need. When there is a call to respond I will practice the social distancing guidelines set forth by the government and I will take all available precautions to protect everyone including myself.

One of the ways that I can readily be available in the midst of a pandemic such as we are in is by video conferencing. If you need to speak with someone feel free to contact me through e-mail or voice mail and we will set up a time to have a face to face conversation through video conferencing.

Ronnie G Collins – I.F.O.C. Chaplain        276-601-3124