Speak up Carroll County – The Public Hearings are going forward in your absence…

Carroll County Governmental Complex

I had hoped that due to the craziness and uncertainty in our Nation right now with COVID19 that our County Leaders would make the decision to not have the Public Hearing at such a time when the citizens of Carroll County cannot attend in person.

This is a time like no other in our history and it seems our County Budget Shortfall is more important than a government for the people and by the people. The citizens of Carroll County do not feel like their calls for explanation have been heard. Members of the Board of Supervisors have stated that they were misled by someone in our County Government in relation to funding, revenues, and budget. The people want to know who misled them while one of the duties of the board is oversight of the budget. The people want to know what has been done about the people who did the misleading. The people want to know why the County Administrator and the Finance Director both left at the same time.

These are honest questions that have the citizens of Carroll County feeling as if our questions and concerns don’t matter. No one is accusing our leaders of doing anything wrong we are asking honest questions.

With that being said, the public hearing for the purpose of discussion of raising our Property taxes and for the purpose of discussion of our current Land Use tax for farmers is taking place Monday evening April 13th at 6pm.

We need to be part of the process and we can be by calling, emailing, and writing letters to our County Leaders. Then we can all watch the discussion on YouTube Live at 6pm that evening.

Someone in our community has provided a simple way for your voice to be heard. There is an online form that takes 2 minutes to fill out and then electronically send that to each supervisor and everyone listed in this statement by the County.

It’s simple, click the link below and in less than 2 minutes, let your voice be heard.


We could throw our hands up and say there is no use or we could speak up and make a difference. We can make an attempt to impact our future in Carroll County.

Below is the notice of the meeting posted today April 10th, 2014 to social media.

While attempting to answer a question asked last night on the post from last week regarding the April 13th Board of Supervisor’s Meeting with scheduled public hearings, the entire post was accidentally deleted. I sincerely apologize.
To answer the question that was posted last night, the Board of Supervisors are meeting on Monday, April 13th, and the agenda for the meeting can be found on the County’s website at: http://www.carrollcountyva.gov/gove…/bos_meeting_agendas.php.
As a reminder, those who wish to make comments at either Public Hearing should do one of the following:
(1) E-mail comments to: crystal.adams@carrollcountyva.gov
(2) Mail comments to the County Administrator’s Office at 605-1 Pine Street, Hillsville, VA. 24343, or
(3) Call the County Administrator’s Office at 276-730-3001 and leave your phone number to be called during the Public Hearing.
All comments/phone numbers should be received by 4:00 p.m.
This meeting will be live-streamed on the County’s YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/user/CarrollVA

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