Crap Happens… Really!

You read that right…Crap Happens (Insert Laugh)

In the past I have worked in the food and lodging industry and we always ordered bulk packages of 96 rolls of toilet paper. So, when COVID19 struck and all the toilet paper started being “wiped” off the shelves, I decided to buy a bulk box to share with people in need. We have gone 5 weeks already and have not needed any and no we aren’t hoarders, we just keep a large pack on hand most times.

I ordered the TP on March 25th and of course there was a three week delay in receiving it but it finally came today. I think the delivery driver must have been searching for some himself because he threw it off the truck into the back of my pickup and sped away. The kids and I all thought we heard someone but we never laid eyes on the truck, maybe it was drone delivery?

When I saw the package I thought it looked and felt like TP but there was no way it was 100 rolls. Boy was I wrong…

The rolls have no cardboard tube and compared to a normal roll of paper we probably have about one third of a normal roll of paper. What that means is, I paid $74.00 for 33 rolls of toilet paper that you can’t put on a dispenser. But then that solves the over or under argument 🙂

We have laughed about it and we will just make the best of it. Judah, our 10 year old has come up with a way we can get by with one sheet per bathroom visit, I will spare you the details and wipe that grin off your face.  Just be aware when you order from Amazon to buy direct from Amazon and not one of their third party sellers.

I have contacted Amazon and of course the seller no longer exists and amazon assured me if the seller didn’t make it right that amazon will and I trust them because for years they have always gone above and beyond in matters like this.

The sad thing is that people would do such a thing. There is so much dishonesty in our world. I pray for the people who did it and prayer is powerful. I’m not praying they have anything bad happen (well unless its that the fleas of a thousand camels sleep in their beds tonight) I am praying that God will show them the error of their ways and that they will get so filled with Jesus they will make things right with all the people they have cheated. Help me pray because crap happens. 🙂