2021 – A New Year and New Opportunities…

After much prayer and consideration, I have decided to make another attempt at earning your vote to represent you in The Fancy Gap District of Carroll County Virginia in 2021. This is not a decision that has been made lightly. People from our area have reached out to me and asked me to consider this opportunity, and I’m willing to run once again. I serve our community in various roles already and I believe this office would be an extension of that service.  It is an opportunity to serve and help make our district a better place for all of us. No official registrations will be allowed until January 2nd, 2021 but it is my intention to register as a candidate at that time. 

If elected, I will represent your needs and your concerns. I will of course represent the entire County, while my primary focus will be the Fancy Gap District. As a member of the Board of Supervisors, I would like to see the board as a whole assess where we are, make a plan to move forward, keep the public informed (whether it be about the financial health of our county or other business that is happening which concerns each and every one of us), and find ways to include you in your local government.  

After each public meeting of the Board of Supervisors, I would like to see an information bulletin created and made available through social media and local newspapers that inform you of the business items handled. You should have a voice in your local government and I will be the conduit for that voice. The only way to accomplish this is for our community to be informed.

I have learned in business that often times situations come up where other local leaders have expertise that I do not have. I will find ways to use you and your expertise to make our community a better place. The Fancy Gap District has some very unique opportunities for growth that need to be explored and offered to prospective businesses looking to expand. By working together with the County leadership we should be aggressively promoting these opportunities.

Over the past several years, we’ve lost several recreation facilities once used to promote community events, facilities neglected and abandoned over lack of funds.  The Fancy Gap District in the last three years has suffered the loss of our trash convenience center, only to see it partially reopened with astronomical fees. We have been moved to twice a year tax collection at a time when it was very difficult for people to pay and with very little time to prepare for such an impact. Our taxes have been raised significantly, potentially discouraging new businesses desiring to locate to our area, as well as people desiring to buy homes and raise their families here. Rumors of losing some of our voting precincts are ripe for the spreading. When it comes to things like trash centers and voting places, it should not be a matter of making money but rather providing our citizens with resources for their tax dollars.

Our county employees have suffered exponential increases for insurance coverage. The men and women serving in first responder and education roles should not be suffering financial loss in an already underpaid place of service. I will work to correct what I believe is a travesty to the hard working individuals serving in these roles. Finally, I am committed to making sure that everyone is treated with respect. Every citizen has the right to ask questions and deserves to be treated respectfully in return. We are all in this together and together we can accomplish great things.

I hope you’ll plan to join Team Collins and vote Ronnie G Collins for Fancy Gap District Supervisor in November 2021.

Email me at ronnie24317@yahoo.com and just say: “I want to join the team” and I will keep you updated on ways you can be involved and things you can do to help.