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Being a Chaplain during a Pandemic

At its core, chaplaincy is less about religion than it is about simply listening, lending a sympathetic and non-judging ear, and serving whatever the need may be. Included in this is being a resource to those...

Three Minute Thursdays

Three Minute Thursdays is something I started more than 10 years ago. Back when video was really fairly new for preachers in the internet world. The idea is for people to send in their questions about a bible passage and then I'll take 3 minutes to give an answer by...

Thoughts on Monday March 30th, 2020

I'm thinking maybe it's time to start blogging again... I'm thinking I could do a daily devotion at 6am every morning but then I would have to get up and fix my hair...and that would probably be the time I would struggle to get out of bed in time to go live at 6am......