A Challenge form Our District Superintendent, Meg Taylor

Now for the challenge: The Holston Evangelism Conference in Knoxville this past week-end was outstanding…several of you were there and brought people from your churches. We were all amazed at the number of people who came, mostly laypersons.

There were 350-400 there and as one speaker said, “There is something about to happen in this conference. This many people don’t give up their week-end to come to a church meeting unless the Spirit is drawing them.”  As you know, Holston has a goal of baptizing 3000 people on Pentecost Sunday (May 23rd).

This number may sound unattainable, but the Lord gave me a formula to break the number down so we could have a more realistic goal. If we divide the 3000 by 12 districts, each district will need to baptize 250 people.  If we divide 53 (the number of charges/station churches we have) into 250, each of our circuits/station churches will only need to baptize 4.7 people! If every district would “do the math”, each church/circuit would know what they should aim for, and then pray for the Lord to show them who to talk to, who to witness to, etc.

You know, sometimes there are people who have attended church for a long time and who have never joined, who would really like to be baptized and make a confession of their belief in Jesus. Sometimes we don’t think to ever offer baptism, etc. Other times, church members will say, “I have a family member who has talked about getting baptized…”  I am praying for new converts….but also let’s look around….there may be people who haven’t been offered baptism or offered Christ, right under our noses. 

Our goal for WY District is for 53 pastors to baptize 4.7 (how about 5!) people! Can we do it?  No, but the Lord can!  Does this district rise to challenges? Absolutely. We always give more than the goal set…we always fix more food baskets/health kits than the goal set.  Please share this challenge with your church/churches.

In prayer with you and for you,


Author: Ronnie Collins

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  1. wow…I have Holy Ghost chills….

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  2. With our Lord and saviours help there is no doubt in my mind that this can be done,thanks be to God!After these 3000 people come to know our preciouse Lord, my prayer is that we will take on other challengers for our precious Lord. In his love, Ann

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