Post Abortion, there is hope…

Maybe you or someone you know needs to talk. There is such a thing as Post Abortive Syndrome. Statistics show that many women are struggling with a decision they made to have an abortion. Maybe you feel like you were forced into the decision, maybe you feel like you had no other choice. How you may feel about the reason may have little to do with the pain you are feeling now.

There is a ministry that exists to help people who are struggling with past abortion, there is hope for your healing. Check out this video and then check out the link for Rachael’s Vineyard. There are retreats you can get involved with and there is actually one in our driving area in September. If you feel like you can talk I will be here to listen. I have taken an oath of confidentiality as a minister and will be here for you.

This is a ministry that I have grown to understand and plan to be invested in it’s future in our own community. Give me a call.


Rachel’s Vineyard

Author: Ronnie Collins

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  1. This is an awesome outreach for Hillsville. Glad you are listening! Bless your obedience!

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