Your Spiritual Gift

Youth of Hillsville, What is your Spiritual Gift?

You definitely have one and maybe many, what are they? It is my desire to see this community find hope for the hurt they experience. It is my desire to see this community find a true friend in their loneliness. It is my desire that the people of this community will find a safe place to run to when their world is turned upside down. Youth of First UMC, Youth of Carroll County, I believe you are the ones who will set this community on fire with the love of Jesus and the excitement of Eternity.

I am including a link where you can take a Spiritual Gifts Inventory go to this site and do the survey, then come back and let me know the results. Together we can build a plan to reach out to the hurting, the lonely, and those who have lost all hope.

Lets get started and encourage your Youth Leaders to join you. lets get the conversation started.


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