When Love Takes You In

When Love Takes You In, listen to the song and realize that God has done something awesome for you and me. He took us in and loved us when we were unlovable. As a matter of fact, He still loves us. Through thick and thin, good and bad, He loves us.

There are so many out there who need to know that God loves them. From adults who are struggling to find the truth to teens who are fighting with trying to fit in and be like their friends, to children who need to know not only the love of God but also the love of someone to call mom and dad.

Take a walk outside today and listen for God’s love, look at the beauty around us and know that you are loved. You are not an accident and no person who has ever lived is an accident. You are someone created by The God who created the World. You are not only special, you are special to God.

Make someones day today and make them feel special. Let Love Take Them In.


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