“This Building Does Not Define Who We Are”

We were in one awesome facility this week on Mission. The building is Christ Church SPORTSTOWNE in Macon Georgia. We camped out in their locker rooms and they didn’t smell like a locker room, Praise the Lord!

Sportstowne just happens to be the building that the church purchased to hold their ministries for as long as God wants them to stay there. We were amazed that there is a Football Field inside the building, as well as a couple of Basketball Courts, a Volleyball Court and many other things.

We were having a conversation with Beth White who is the Associate Pastor and we were going on about the building and she said something┬áthat caught our attention. “This building does not define who we are as the church”. They are willing in a short notice to give up this building and go somewhere else if God wants them to move. If i have a building at my disposal like Sportstowne, I would fight to keep it and that is the problem. As Christians we have to learn to hold loosely those things that God allows us to have. It is people that are important and people are all that matter.


Check out the Building and their ministry there.


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