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We read about folks all the time who are making a difference in our community, however there is a group that we don’t say thank you to very often, The Twin Co. Humane Society. This week we found an abandoned litter of puppies on a back road near our home. We just happen to have a fenced back yard and we are going to keep the puppies until homes can be found. As a matter of fact we may keep one or two of them. I called The Humane Society to ask for their help locating homes and they were gracious to offer help. These folks are working hard and keeping lots of abandoned animals in their homes to keep them from being put to sleep or worse, starving to death. I imagine the puppies we found would have either starved to death or been run over if we had not found them when we did. The very night we found the 7 puppies there was a bad rain storm and no doubt the puppies would have been right in the path as they were too young to find shelter in the open where they were found. I am amazed at the joy these 7 little creatures of God have brought to my family. Samuel, Christopher, Kyle, and Alex have all enjoyed holding and feeding the little ones. Hopefully we will find homes for most of them in our own family, we are already attached.

There are many out there that need a loving home and many homes that could benefit form a loyal friend.


By the way, one of their greatest needs is more active members and young folks qualify. Get Involved, make a difference.

Check out their web site:


Spay and Neuter Assistance

At this time, we have funds available to help spay and
neuter dogs that weigh over 40 lbs. For more
information, call our helpline, 276-728-4038 and your
call will be returned.

If you qualify, we also have a grant that will assist
to spay and neuter smaller dogs and cats. Please call
276-728-4038 and leave your name and number.

At this time, we have exhausted all our grant money, but we are working on getting more grants in the near future. Please call the helpline and leave your name and number.


Calender of Events

September 13, 2008 we will participate in an animal adoption day at Chateau Morisette. Along with dogs and cats for adoption, we will have various items for sale. There will be other adoption groups, vendors, along with good food and wine, so come join us for a day of fun and further our cause to help the animals in the Twin Counties.

A Dog Walk is being planned for the spring of 2009. Plans are now being made and further information will be forthcoming.

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