How to plan SYATP for Students

For Students and parents wondering what and how to plan SYATP at your school. This video is made for a date in Australia but the information is good for the Unired States, the date is different.


Although students can freely gather for prayer before school, it’s best to let your school administration know about See You at the Pole™.

Student leadership teams should: promote the event, contact school administration, and lead the actual prayer time at the pole. Specific helps for these tasks are included in other sections of this site. See You at the Pole™ needs the support of youth ministers, it is a student-led event. Strong student leadership is crucial. Youth ministers can help student leaders by offering guidance and support as the students prepare for SYATP.


It is important for student leaders to know that they are supported by adults from their churches, communities, and schools. Contact adults who will serve at local campuses by praying, recording video, taking pictures, etc. Adult volunteers should not lead the SYATP event. They should only be present to offer their support to the students. Adults in the community should also be encouraged to pray at locations other than the school campuses (i.e., courthouse flagpole, office building flagpole, military base flagpole).Use the questions below to help you plan See You at the Pole™ at your school. You will want to make notes of who has accomplished or who has been assigned each task to make sure everything gets done.


  • Have we informed our principal about this event?
  • What time will we begin on our campus—before school? at lunch? after school?
  • Where on our campus will we gather?
  • Do we have an alternative meeting place off the school property?
  • Do we have an alternative meeting place in case of rain?
  • Do we have more than one flagpole to choose from?
  • Should students wear Christian t-shirts promoting the day?
  • Will someone supply any other means of signifying participation?
  • How will we handle distractions such as traffic noise, onlookers, etc.?
  • How will we begin the event? Who will lead off?
  • Will there be other elements, such as singing?
  • Will we hold hands, kneel down, break into small groups, remain in a large group, etc.?
  • What will we pray for or about on that day?
  • Will we have audible or silent prayer?
  • How will we know when it’s over?
  • Have we contacted/informed the FCA and/or other Christian organizations’ adult representative(s) at your school?
  • How will we answer questions regarding your participation in this event?
  • How can each person promote this event before the fourth Wednesday in September?
  • Will we have a post-SYATP rally?
  • Will you be the one, even if no one else will?

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