Encountering Jesus: Week 1_Why Genealogy (History) is Important?

OK, the first week is the ground work that has to be done and it may sound a little boring. I promise it will not be boring. No preacher has the right to be boring, the Bible is much too exciting for that. The following weeks will sound much more enticing as we will be looking at the triumphs and struggles of those in the Bible and applying them to everyday life. Just give it a chance, if it is boring this week, you don’t have any obligation to stay awake.


#1. It Provides Us with a Connection

Every day in the news, we hear about children gone astray because they feel disconnected from their family and the world. All families are unique and researching your family is a personal detective story. You discover characteristics about yourself that you have in common with an earlier ancestor. For example, a musically talented child discovers that his great-grandfather played an instrument and sang in the church choir.


For adoptees, research can help them connect to their adoptive family. If you are a son or daughter of God you have been adopted.


Did you know that Jesus was adopted?


#2. It Gives People a Sense of History

People need to have a sense of history. It’s part of understanding who we are. This includes your own personal history as well World and Biblical History.

Most people today can’t believe that their grandparents lived without modern “necessities” just a few years ago.


Journaling, taking pictures, or creating a scrapbook is a great idea. Be creative. History surrounds us, but we seldom think about it. We primarily live in the present. In many cases, we live for the moment without a thought of what came before.



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#3. It Gives People a Context in which to Understand the World

There are common threads that reappear in every generation besides birth, marriage, and death.


#4. It is Imperative for Future Generations

We need to understand why we do the things we currently do in the church and we need to understand which of these things are biblical and which are personal choice of a particular generation and culture.  



Application to Life Today

Come and see!




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