Hunger Quiz




1. True or False?

The United States has the highest wage inequality of any other

industrialized nation?


2. What percent of US children live in hungry or food insecure


a)   5% b) 11% c) 17% d) 25%


3. True or False?

Many clients of America’s Second Harvest (the nation’s food bank

network) must make difficult choices between paying for food and

other basic necessities?


4. How many people in the United States live in households

considered to be food insecure?

a)   7 million b) 16 mil lion c) 24 million d) 35 mil lion


5. What percentage of America’s Second Harvest (the nation’s food

bank network) clients is elderly?

a)   8% b) 10% c) 14% d) 17%


6. What percentage of adults requesting emergency food assistance

is employed?

a)   6% b) 13% c) 24% d) 37%


7. What percentage of US cities is not able to provide adequate

quantity of food to those in need?

a)   16% b) 29% c)45% d) 59%


8. How much money did it cost to purchase a 30-second commercial

during the 2007 Super Bowl?

a)   1.5 million b) 2.2 million c) 2.6 million d) 3 million


9. How many people across the world are hungry?

a) 321 million b) 587 million c) 735 million d) 854 million


10. How much more food does the world produce than the entire

world population could consume?

a)   7% b) 12% c) 15% d) 20%





Answer Key

1. True

People can work full-time at minimum wage and still not make

enough money to maintain a basic standard of living-buying food,

paying their rent and medical bills, buying clothes for their

children and affording a car so they can travel back and forth to


Bread for the World (


2. C-17%

The US has the highest child poverty rate of any other

industrialized nation.

The Food Research and Action Center: Household Food Security in the

United States 2005


3. True

42% must choose between food and utilities, 35% between food

and rent or mortgage, and 32% between food and medicine or

medical care.

America’s Second Harvest: Hunger in America 2006


4. D-35 mi llion

The number of people in the United States that live in food

insecure households would fill over 500 NFL stadiums.

The Food Research and Action Center: Household Food Security


5. B-10%

The problem of hunger affects people of all ages, from young

children to the elderly.

America’s Second Harvest: Hunger in America 2006


6. D-37%

This answer reinforces question number 1. Despite the fact that

many people in need are working, they are not able to provide the

basics for their famil ies.


7. C-45%

Despite the fact that we live in one of the wealthiest nations in

the world, many of our cities are not able to help their citizens

meet their basic needs. This is where the local food banks and

ministries have to step in.

The United States Conference of Mayors: 2006 Hunger and

Homelessness Survey


8. C -2.6 mil l ion

This is a day when millions of dollars are spent to enjoy the Super

Bowl experience. It is also a day that we can choose to turn our

thoughts and dollars towards those without a bowl of soup to eat.


9. D-854 million

That is about 3 times the entire United States population.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations: State of Food

Insecurity in the World 2006


10. D-20%

There is enough food produced to feed the world. The problem is

inequality in both wealth and food distribution.


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