Christmas Shopping Today

Misty and I spent the day shopping in Winston for a few Christmas Gifts. I actually should say that Misty shopped, I sat in the Mall and read a book. I once loved to shop but that joy is gone for me this year. I believe it is a combination of money being tight, Seminary and Ordination demands and a busy work schedule.

Anyway, it was strange how empty the stores were. We went to two Book Stores, my favorite. There was no one there. I actually went to Best Buy and logged on to Amazon and ordered 3 books to give as gifts because they were almost $5 cheaper than the stores. Mark Batterson “Chasing The Wild Goose”

I noticed that even-though there were more people in the Mall, hardly anyone had any bags where they had purchased anything. We are definitely in a time when people are tightening the belt.

I will say more on this later but I believe we will get a better understanding about what Christmas ia all about this year.


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