Ringing In The New Year

On New Years Eve 2007 Misty, Samuel and I spent most of the night and early morning at the Emergency room. Samuel had taken a cold and was getting dehydrated and we just had to take him. This year 2008 the electricity went off just after 9am and we had a family get together planned at 7pm. Needless to say the party was canceled and we ended up spending the night with mom and dad. Dad went to Lowe’s and purchased a generator so we had the necessities. We went to bed just before 11pm and were sound asleep at midnight.

I woke up this morning and checked with AEP and was told it would be as late a 5pm before we would get power so I slept until 8am, that is about 2 hours later than I like to sleep but it felt good. One of my New Years Commitments is to have a Sabbath each week and I decided today was mine. My grandfathers house just across the street from mom and dad had electricity so we all went there and I cooked breakfast for the family. It was nice to just feel no pressure to do anything. We stayed around the table for about 2 hours just eating, talking and drinking coffee. After the dishes were done my mom, Misty and the kids went out and burned trash and let the kids play and I sat in the living room and did my New Year Bible Reading.

What started out to feel like a bad New Year start turned into one of the best ever. I was able to stay with Misty, Samuel and Kyle at my mom and dads, in my old room. I love that home where there are so many great memories of growing up and that is just something we don’t do. Being at my grandparents home where I spent so much time growing up. It is amazing how big the house felt when I was growing up and how normal it feels now. it just felt good being there.

We decided to ask mom to keep Samuel while we went to see Marley and Me and then the electricity came back on. It is amazing how easy it is to keep a sabbath when there is no electricity. then all of a sudden the lights are turned on and you think of all these things you need to do. But not today.

We saw the movie and Misty cried all the way home. I shed tears myself. You should see the movie. there are many good lessons, not only about learning to appreciate the gift of animals but there is also a great lesson there for married couples.

We are getting ready to have the family over for last nights celebration and it has been an AWESOME Start to 2009.


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