Me and the Boys


Pictures speak volumes. Little Christopher ran a high fever today and Mike and Caitlin ended up at the Emergency Room with him. Turns out they are treating him for an ear infection. The last one that Samuel had lasted for a long time.

Christopher is my first grandchild and in many ways I feel like I get to grow up with Michael, something that I wish I could have done with Michael really bad. Michael’s dad died when Mike was only three years old and he had a stress filled life after that. I met Mike when he was 14 and took him into my family when he was 16 and he is going to soon turn 24 years old, so hard to believe.

10 years seems like such a short time but it was only 13 years of Mikes life that I missed. Who can understand it. I love Mike with all my heart and I love Christopher and Victoria like that as well. You love all people but each person holds a special place in your heart and life. Michael will always be my first son, Samuel my first birth son and Kyle my 3rd son. I love them all and God has blessed me so much.

Anyway, in this picture I am holding my first born grandson whom I love with all my heart. God blessed me more than wealth in this world when this child was born. He is so close to my heart. I appreciate all who prayed for little Christopher and please continue as he is still not feeling well. When I left this evening his fever had broke but I left him screaming for Pupa and that breaks my heart. I wish I never had to leave and one day that will be the case.

I will spend Eternity in Heaven with my loved ones who know Jesus Christ.



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