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Just say no.  Yeah, right.  Hey, if you need more to chew on than slogans and scare tactics, this book is for you.  Justin Lookadoo breaks it down so you don’t have to be a mad scientist to figure out why drugs are a wacked-out way to go.  No theory.  No hidden agenda.  Just the straight-up truth about drugs.


Clueless about the opposite sex?  If you are now, you won’t be once you read Dateable.  We’ve got the stuff on them they never wanted you to know.  It’ll be like  you’re a fly on the wall of the locker room, listening in on all the conversations you’ve always wanted to hear.  What does he say when you aren’t areound?  What is she thinking?  Why does he do that?  What does she really mean?  It’s all here.  We expose the inside world of guys and girls in this tell-all book.  Don’t try dating without first being Dateable.

26284-97 Randon Thoughts

Skydiving.  Ducks.  Unexpected love.  Falling down stairs.  Doorknobs.  Compassion.  Duct tape.  What do all of these random things have in common?  Nothing – duh, thats what makes them random.  But they do all come from the random and yet somehow oh-so-thought-provoking mind of Justin Lookadoo.  And they somehow add up to a mind-altering picture of what life can be like.  Justins new book, 97, is all about digging deeper, growing bigger, and living with no regrets.


In this one-of-a-kind workbook, author and youth speaker Justin Lookadoo walks with teens through the experience of radical faith.  He challenges youth to actually live out what they believe through practical steps like giving up their TV, Internet, PlayStation, and magazines for 30 days.  The unique four-color design is eye-catching and appeals to any postmodern teen.  The non-linear style is inviting and unassuming, so teens will feel that they can approach this study with confidence.  Formerly sold as Step Off: The Hardest 30 Days of Your Life,  this book has garnered tremendous positive feedback from actual teens who have survived the life-changing experience.  It will be the hardest and best book a teen or youth group has ever studied together.


Sex.  It’s everywhere, movies, TV, magizines, even billboards at the mall.  No wonder  you are more confused than ever.

In a straight-up, no-holds-barred approach, Justin Lookadoo tells what you’ve always wanted to know about sex but been too afraid to ask!  Full of juicy tidbits you won’t hear anywhere else, this is one book you can’t afford not to read!  It’s real.  It’s raw.  It’s true.  It’s The Dirt on Sex.


Breaking up sucks!  Whether you’re the dumper or the dumpee, calling it quits is never easy.  Breakups are a part of life, but that doesn’t mean they won’t hurt.  That’s why The Dirt on Breaking Up gives the lowdown for both the heartbroken and the heartbreaker.


How do you know if your crush likes you?
Can someone have a “second virginity”?
What does the Bible say about tattoos and piercings?
How do I know if God is speaking to me?
What is the logarithmic binomial formula?

Whether it’s one of these or something else, chances are the thing you’re pondering is covered in this Q&A with Justin Lookadoo. Real teens just like you have asked, and Justin has the answers. Scroll through Chat Room Chatter for Justin’s unique and challenging perspective on questions about everything from relationships to forgiveness to understanding the opposite sex.

It’s all here—everything you never even knew you wanted to know, just as Justin sees it. Check it out and see if it changes how you see your world too.


Dig deeper into Dateable topics and find out what the Bible says about being Dateable!  This handy guide is designed as a flip book, one side for guys and one for girls (but hey, I won’t tell if you decide to read both)!

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