Prayer Life

My day started at 3am when the alarm clock went off. I loaded up the car along with a mug of coffee and headed to the airport. My plane was set to leave at 7am and it was recommended that we arrive 2 hours before departure time. In the end I didn’t need to be there so early but the time went quick as I read and prayed. The first person I encountered was a christian lady who greeted me with a hand shake and a smile when I shared with her that early morning travel and flying were great for my prayer life.

As I was traveling down the road around 4am I was amazed at the conversation happening between me and God. I caught myself having a conversation in my imagination with a gentleman who has cancer and I remembered what Lookadoo said about using the imagination and Jesus was there.

I can’t wait to see what happens from these early morning prayers. When we pray for things to happen then things are going to happen. Just wait and see what God will do!

Anyway, I prayed a lot this morning, I prayed for every person who reads this post, that you will smell the Oil. The Oil of the Anointing of God.

Make the time and spend some quality time with the One who loves more that I can ever explain.

My plane from Greensboro to Charlotte: 20 Minute Flight – They had to de-ice the wings

My plane from Greensboro to Jacksonville Florida: Just over an hour flight

View from the Hotel

14th Floor View down

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