I am a little depressed


OK, I am sitting in the Charlotte Airport while more than 100 people are watching the Super Bowl at Out Of The Box. We just received the news that our flight is delayed 30 minutes because they are short one flight attendant. I really don’t know why they need more than one. It is a really small plane and they no longer have a free beverage service. I am amazed at all the things that have changed since the last time I flew which was to Ft. Lauderdale Florida this time last year. There is no longer any free luggage if you check bags. It is now $15 for the first bag and $25 for the second. Just today they changed the rule on the size bag that can be carried on board and mine didn’t pass the test, I really hope it makes it to Greensboro.

We had a great flight from Jacksonville to Greensboro. Rev. Laura and I sat next to a lady who had lots of questions about our Christian Faith and that  was fun. We are praying for Ginger.

We  met Tina who is from Blacksburg and she is now living in Charlotte and working as a flight attendant. It turns out that Laura is the Associate Pastor where Tina went to church in Wytheville and she went to First Pulaski when Pastor Ty was the Associate pastor there. Small world.

We were having so much fun with Tina the flight attendant that a lady behind us stood up and asked Tina to calm down, she said it sounded like she was in a bar and it was disturbing her. So sad.

Anyway, I want to see my wife, children , grandchildren and Sophie so bad. Further I am depressed that I can’t hang out with the coolest group of people anywhere at Out Of The Box. Oh well God is good, we have been to a good conference, we have had good flights, and I will be home soon.

God is so good to me.


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