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In an ever changing musical climate, longevity is a hard thing to come by.  Tastes change, fads come and go, and what’s considered cool one month might find itself on the way out by the next.  It’s the ability of bands like Third Day, Newsboys, and Jars Of Clay to maintain artistic integrity while tweaking their sound every so often to adapt which has allowed them to remain in front of the pack since their big splashes onto the worldwide stage in the early to mid 90’s.


On the local level, one band has also stood the test of time to remain just as viable and focused on its mission since its inception almost 12 years ago.  Led by husband and wife team, Craig and Jessica Vaughn, Common Creed booked its first show in 1997 and according to Craig, “We didn’t know if anybody would ever call us again!”


But call they did.  And since that first date Common Creed has gone on to host multiple youth rallies, lead worship at many church services and share the stage with artists such as Todd Agnew, Big Tent Revival, and Michael O’Brien as well as evangelists such as Adrian Despres, Mike Barber and Mike Jenkins (a mentor to the band).  The band has also released three CDs of all original material and worked on those CDs with such luminaries as Scottie Wilbanks (Third Day/Newsong) and John Lawry (Petra). 


There’s something about Common Creed that, after 12 years, still resonates with anyone who sees them in concert.  Maybe it’s Craig’s infectious personality.  If you’ve ever met him,or Jessica for that matter, you’re no longer a stranger.  Just being around Craig for five minutes can have you rolling on the floor laughing or just generally feeling good about things.  He never seems to be in a bad mood and has the gift of encouragement. 


Although Craig’s personality is certainly a draw, there’s much more to the band than that, however.  This is a band with a heart for worship and a desire to usher others into God’s presence.  “We have a simple vision to use our talents in music to glorify God and encourage believers to worship Him with all their hearts and to tell the message of Jesus’ hope to the lost and hopeless,” Craig states.


Along with band members Steven Hayes and Bret Sexton (Brad Hiatt, Greg Jones, John Boulding, and Marc Hayes at times accompany the band at their more intimate, acoustic settings), the Vaughns have a desire to see Common Creed “connect with the audience so we can plainly state what is in our hearts,” says Craig.  Music is just our tool to connect with people.”


In explaining the band’s name, Craig says, “We all have the same focus and the same goal even though we’ve had different members and people come and go.  Everybody that’s a part of us has the same focus to tell others about Christ, to use what they’ve got to give it away.”


Currently Common Creed is serving at Firehouse Ministries where they lead worship at Overflow (Venue 5).  “What an amazing opportunity to build into people’s lives week after week,” Craig says.  “We are honored and humbled to lead the people at Firehouse and look forward to years of ministry ahead in the community.  We have a few empty seats in Overflow so that tells me there is still a lot of work to do in Mt. Airy and the surrounding areas!”


With plans to possibly record a live CD at Firehouse and a new studio record in the works for 2009, Common Creed has the look and feel of a band that, after 12 years, is just beginning to hit its stride.  To book the band, call 276-755-2283 or send an e-mail to




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