Waiting in the Emergency Room


Yesterday was an awesome day. The weather was perfect, I felt good and all was just well with the World.I made plans to run with a friend in the afternoon and then to have dinner with my family. Then my grandson Christopher fell while running through the house and had a knot on his head that raised concern, so off to the hospital we go.

We arrived at the emergency roon around 4:40pm and after being there for an hour without being called back someone came out and asked what we were waiting for, no paper work had been received from the initial contact and they simply didn’t know we were waiting. Now before you get too upset, Christopher was feeling fine and we were just walking around playing and talking. He was having some pain with his head from the fall but he was doing well. We were not in a situation where the wait hurt us.

When they found out there was a computer glitch there were a few others who were upset because others had been taken in first and arrived later. We went on back,the doctor checked Christopher, they did a Cat Scan and everything turned out to be just fine, no major concerns, just a bump on the head.

Now I can respond in two ways. I can get upset and complain and fret and get all bent out of shape. I mean I missed my run, I was late for dinner with the family and people deserve to be treated in the order in which they come into the hospital. Some chose to get upset and complain last night.

The second way that I can respond is to say to God thank you. Thank you that I have a grandson whom I love with all my heart and soul. Thank you that there are hospitals and doctors and nurses who are there to help in times of need. Thank you that in that almost two hours that I waited I was able to hold and play with my grandson, quality time. Thank you that I have a family that loves me and was excited to see me even if I was late coming to dinner. Thank you that Christopher didn’t have any life threatening injuries and that all is well. Thank you that we don’t have to sit around and wonder is he going to be alright. Thank you God for a beautiful day and for your protection and for your abundant love, even though we are not perfect you still love us, help us to love others who are not perfect.

I chose the second option.



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