Speaking The Language of The Gospel: Part I

The Youth Leaders and I are taking a group of the teens on a Mission Trip to Mexico in July this year and most of us know very little Spanish. Now I can speak a few words. I can ask for the bathroom, more soda, more napkins etc.. I can also understand when someone is talking about the guy with the bald head. I learned that early on standing in line at the local Mexican Restaurant.

Anyway I was thinking that it is time to get the study guides back out and try and brush up on some important words in Spanish. We are going to do several things while we are there like some construction projects but the one that I am really excited about is teaching their folks to share the gospel with their friends. 

I am going to at least learn to read in Spanish the material that we will take with us to Mexico to teach. I know what it means in Englsih so I should be OK.

But that leads me to a deeper subject.

What is the language of the Gospel?

In future posts I will try and flesh this answer out and I hope that you will join me.


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