Children with Learning Disabilities: What Can Parents Do?

I share these updates from Love and Logic because this way of raising has changed my life when it comes to working with people in general. It works with children and youth as well as spouses and coworkers.


Children with Learning Disabilities: What Can Parents Do? 

Dear Ronnie:

Growing up with significant learning difficulties, I can personally attest to the grief these challenges can create for both parents and their kids. Possibly the biggest difficulty involves helping your child avoid getting so discouraged that they give up on academics…and their relationship with you.

Fortunately, my parents…

Focused heavily on my strengths, allowing me to see that I could be successful at something. For me, these were mechanical sorts of things and baseball.

Stopped spending every evening trying to lecture, threaten, or bribe academic information into my unwilling head.

Replaced this fighting time with loving time, where they showed that they valued me even though I wasn’t good in school.

Kept saying, “When things get hard, recharge your batteries by doing something that you love. Then give it another try.”

In our “Schoolwork and Homework Package,” we elaborate on each of these strategies, as well as many more. The most important theme involves helping your child learn to feel so good about their strengths that they’ll have the energy and courage to keep working on their weaknesses.

Thanks for reading!
Dr. Charles Fay

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