Our Son Michael

You need to Celebrate people while you are able and I wanted to do that today.

Michael is the oldest son that Misty and I have. Michael will turn 24 years old in June and he has a son who will turn 3 in June and a daughter who is 2 weeks younger than his youngest brother Samuel who will be 2 in August. Michael came into my life when he was 14 years old, hard to believe it was 10 years ago. I adopted Mike as a single father and we developed a bond that many father/sons do not have. Mike understands what it is like to live life without a lot of hope but now he will tell you that he understands what it is like to live with all hope.

Michael is not my adopted son, he is just my son. Anyone who thinks you don’t love adopted children the same as birth children doesn’t understand. Michael and I have shared a lot together and he is one of my most favorite people in the world. He makes me smile because he is always smiling, he makes me laugh because he loves to laugh. He loves to tell the story about how he is the one who finally got me to shave my head. I had threatened to do it for years and then one day he shaved his head to encourage me to make that leap. I have shaved my head now for probably 6 years or more and I love it, it has it’s advantages.

Most of all Mike makes me proud. Proud to have a son who is devoted to his family, including me and Misty. Proud that is is a very hard worker. Proud that he will tell you that he has the best daddy in the world. Proud that he is raising two awesome babies, my grandbabies. Proud that he loves God and knows that we will spend eternity in heaven someday with our Father, God. I am proud that Michael Christopher Collins is my son.


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