From Laura in Nicarauga

Hey everyone!

Sorry i´m sending this through a mass group list…i don´t have much time at all to type.
I just wanted to say hi! I am having a wonderful week here. It´s nothing that i was expecting it to be.. so much more.. intense and real. God is doing great things. Changing lives and hearts on this trip. The kids are amazing.  As i was typing my parents an email i said it´s such an oxymoron to see these little kids running up to you with open arms with scars on their faces, dirty bodies, and scars all over… but yet.. they have the brightest smile and the biggest hearts i have ever seen.  My spanish is getting better. HAHA. the kids get so cracked up at my accent. They laugh when we can´t figure out what we´re saying. They´re so fun, but sooo very tiring. They definitely take a lot of energy. It was a lot harder to relate to the kids than i thought it would be. It´s so different trying to play with a kid that doesnt speak your language.  They are absolutely fascinated by cameras though… i have so many pictures on my memory card right now that
the kids have taken. haha. ¿un foto? ¿un foto? they´ll say over and over again. it´s cute. 

Please pray for these kids. They live in extreme poverty…it´s not fair at all. Yesterday we went to the city dump… it was… eye opening.  There´s a community of people that have built their houses admit the mounds and mounds of trash. So sad. Their houses are made out of spare trash and pieces of metal that come into the dump.  THe kids were great though.

OH! OH! OH! and to souledout.. you´ll never guess what happened.  I got to teach the kids Ï´m trading my sorrows, IN SPANISH!! thedance moves and everything!! You can imagine how excited i was. THe song started playing at church.. en espanol. and i ran over to the kids and started teaching them the dance moves. they wanted to do it alllll day long.  so now, for the rest of it´s existance prob.. that church is going to be doing souledout´s T my S´s dance moves!! HOW COOL!! were going back there tomorrow.. i can´t wait. ¨si senor, si si senor¨¨  hahahahah. so fun. 

ok, other people want the computer, i must go! AH! I have so much to say..but not enough time. This email doesn´t even do this trip justice.. there´s so much more happening. Exterior and interior…
just know that God is at work and we are having an amazing time being challenged by what we are experiencing. 

Thank you for the prayers!!! I miss my comfy bed and chocolate the most. hahaha. (and maybe that drummer of mine…. )
Nica love,

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  1. March 11, 2009 Elsie

    Ronnie, Thanks for sharing this.We have been praying. Sounds so exciting and rewarding.Praise God. Elsie


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