I laughed so hard…

Mike and I took all the kids out to eat at Long John Silvers last night and then to Wal Mart. It was a hoot.

Samuel has gotten to that place where he is difficult when you  go out to eat. He wasn’t to be able to run around and explore and see what is going on. From the time we walked into the restaurant until we got back in the car after Wal Mart it was a struggle. He wanted to be the BIG boy and be on the ground exploring.

I sat in Long John Silvers as the three boys were climbing in the window and I just had to laugh. I am sure the staff thought we were crazy. I looked at the young lady who was cleaning the dinning room and said “we have 8 more at home.” Her look was worth money!

We had a great time but I am going to take the kids one or two at a time in the near future. We have an awesome family.


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