Final Update from Belize: Clay Guynn

Greetings for the last time from Belize,

I just wanted to send a final note about how amazing this trip has been for me. It’s sort of written to the church as a whole in appreciation for all you guys have done.

 Today we had our free day and we took a boat ride down the New River that took about an hour and a half to a Mayan ruin site. It was amazing to see and climb the ancient Mayan temples- a great way to end this week, which has already been amazing!

As I said previoulsy, we were able to see over 400 patients this week with illness of varying degrees. We even got to see some diseases only found in tropical areas making it a very fufilling experience both educationally and spiritually.

Yesterday, the guys of the group took a trip to a poor village in the deep jungle to hang out rice and beans. This experience in itself was lifechanging. The members of the village lived in little huts on the ground. Their only means of water was from the river which ran right next to the village. Most of the villagers barely had enough food to eat a couple times a week. As we walked through the village, I just began to weep in realization on high good I really have it. I would ask everyone to pray for the village members of More Tommorrow because they truely have it rough.

I appreciate all you guys for all your prayers and thoughts. This trip was an experience of a lifetime and I am forever changed by it. Although this country may not have alot as far as money, they have double that in faith. God is truely here in Belize without a doubt and the people were such an encouragement to me.

To have nearly nothing, and still praise the Lord is the kinda faith I hope I can say I have one day!

Thanks and I send my love to each and every one of you guys! God Bless!!



Phil 4:13

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