Out Of The Box Drawing from the UMW Meeting March 16th


Form Donna Godwin

I started with the BOX…it turned into a church ( of sorts…could be anywhere) … the ribbons are actually the “gravecloths” coming off…remember what Beth said?  It took the people to take the cloths off of Lazarus…to unbind him, to loosen him.  Just as it has taken Christ Chapel, Beth, the youth, the youth leaders, you, our church, and many others, to unbind Out of the Box, to loosen the reign, to listen to Christ.  The gravecloths have come off and Out of the Box has risen from the dust!  Not just any dust…but the dust from the beautiful feet of the weary, yet encouraged and excited youth, pastors and leaders.  In ridding ourselves of the grave cloths, we tumble out and begin to tell our story, God’s story, the story of Out of the Box.  This leads to seeds being planted ( the X is a seed) and to new life ( the tree) and to fruit ( apples). 

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