Looking Calm When We’re Not

Looking Calm When We’re Not

Dear Ronnie,

What’s the biggest parenting challenge for you? If you’re like many parents, it’s keeping your cool when your kids are getting on your last nerve!

Why is it so important to at least look calm and collected as we provide consequences for our children’s misbehavior? Because…

Anger creates resentment and rebellion.

Empathy ups the odds of genuine remorse and responsibility.

Anger says, “I can barely handle you!”

Empathy communicates, “I’m such a great parent that I can handle you without breaking a sweat!”

Anger creates kids who get sneaky and do irresponsible things behind our backs.

Empathy creates kids who are more likely to behave even when we aren’t watching them.

This winter we developed a special CD, Keeping Cool When Parenting Heats Up. This audio contains plenty of practical strategies for staying calm in tough situations. One involves giving yourself permission to discipline your children without using reminders or repeated warnings.

When parents get into the unhealthy habit of nagging and repeating themselves, their anger builds inside. By the time they finally follow through, they’re too angry to think straight! Wiser parents set limits and follow through quickly…without using too many words. Because problems are dealt with in their early stages, the parent remains calmer…and their kids learn that it’s not okay to perform “water torture” by constantly repeating the same frustrating behaviors.

Because of great demand, we’ve made this product available for purchase as a downloadable audio. There’s no need to wait for delivery, and there’s no need to pay any shipping charges. Visit this page and follow the simple instructions to download.

Thanks for reading!
Dr. Charles Fay

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