A Day In The Life Of Your Pastor: Wednesday June 10th, 2009

Read from the bottom up and be aware there is a two hour time delay.


  1. WhiteTime for bed, can’t hold my eyes open.about 19 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  2. WhiteHolding Judah & watching Law & Orderabout 20 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  3. WhiteHome from bible school & cleaning up the supper dishesabout 21 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  4. WhiteBible verse for tonight Romans 5:8 But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.about 23 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  5. White@ VBS playing the part of Paul. Two more nights.about 24 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  6. WhiteRan 4 miles & no wild animals today. Just the neighbors dog that lives in the woods.3:29 PM Jun 10th from TwitterBerry

  7. WhiteRiding Samuel & Kyle on the motorcycle. It is Samuels favorite thing to do.1:47 PM Jun 10th from TwitterBerry

  8. WhiteThese are exciting days to serve our Lord!12:36 PM Jun 10th from TwitterBerry

  9. WhiteOK, home for time w/ family, run, dinner and then back for VBS12:04 PM Jun 10th from web

  10. WhiteWorking on VBS & Witness Team Holston11:24 AM Jun 10th from web

  11. WhitePraying for Elmo W. upcoming shoulder surgery10:19 AM Jun 10th from web

  12. WhiteTyler just got twitterberry installed on my blackberry in 2 minutes & I struggled with it for a week. Thanks Tyler9:53 AM Jun 10th from TwitterBerry

  13. WhiteThanking God for Donna G’s Talent. It inspires me to see God working through different gifts and talents.9:08 AM Jun 10th from web

  14. WhiteGoing to grab a bite of lunch & take something to my son Michael. I really do love that boy & I am really proud of the young man that he is.9:06 AM Jun 10th from web

  15. WhiteFinalizing a Theology Class @ Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. I am so glad to be @ Home Plate with the Masters Degree.8:45 AM Jun 10th from web

  16. WhitePraying for Brandon, recovering from outpatient surgery.8:13 AM Jun 10th from web

  17. WhitePraying for Don who has been diagnosed with Lung Cancer, family member of one of our youth leaders.8:13 AM Jun 10th from web

  18. WhiteCelebrating that Donna G. has Terry G. for her Candidacy Mentor, God is at Work, raising up Leaders @ 1st Hillsvlle8:09 AM Jun 10th from web

  19. Whiteblogging “A Brief Update: Annual Conference Votes on Proposed Constitutional Amendments” @ www.imagebearer.wordpress.com7:39 AM Jun 10th from web

  20. WhiteJust rec confirmation on Mason’s Liberty visit. LU here we come! I understand there is a new bk store & Starbucks N front of the campus now.7:10 AM Jun 10th from web

  21. Whiteblogging when will the World be won to Christ? @ www.imagebearer.wordpress.com7:05 AM Jun 10th from web

  22. Whitehas read Mission on the Way: Issues in Mission Theology by Charles E. Van Engen – http://bit.ly/eyIQ56:46 AM Jun 10th from weread

  23. WhiteHeaded to the office for the day. VBS is great and makes for a long week of long days!5:44 AM Jun 10th from web

  24. WhiteBusy dy ahead. Have a ton of reading 2 get thr. Office needs 2 B clened up & lots of mininstry work 2 do. Thnkin about it while hving java!5:07 AM Jun 10th from web

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