Pray, Then Get To Work

I went on a prayer walk this morning and as I prayed about different things I twittered what was on my heart. Here is one of my prayers. Praying for the 79% in Carroll County this morning choosing not to worship anywhere. God is Awesome & He loves you. Give Him an honest try”.about 7 hours ago from TwitterBerry

Probably 20 minutes after I prayed that prayer God put someone on my heart that I knew had decided they were not going to church anywhere today and had not gone in several weeks. I called them up, told them Misty and I were going to visit a church in Mt.Airy this morning because I started vacation and asked them to go with us. In just a few minutes this person called me back and he and his family met us at church.

When you pray, listen. Take the time to see how God may answer your prayer. I am guilty of not waiting to even hear what God has to say. God is good and He hears us when we talk with him.

God, give us a burden for lost people and people who are walking at a distance.


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