Vacation Day 4, 2009

I have discovered if I didn’t have to work I could get a lot accomplished at home. This week has been a blast. We are doing special projects around home and hanging out together. Yesterday we got the delivery of gravel for the fire pit and will hopefully complete that project today. We found the play set for the kids we have been planning for at Sams in Winston Salem. The kit says it will take approximately 16 hours for two people to put this thing together so I figure if we have 8 people it should take 4 hours. I will count on my family and friends and do the part I assigned because I really don’t like assembling things that have a million pieces.

Mike had his personal interview here at home with the folks from Dublin. Mike has applied for a position as a Corrections Officer. It is looking really good that he could get the job.

The Jeep: About 18 months ago we started having an issue with the Jeep and the anti theft system. It would sometimes crank but would not run. The folks that usually work on my vehicles worked with it and couldn’t fix it. The there was a fella who rents a garage by my home who said he could fix it. After months and months and still having the problem I took it to the Jeep Dealership. I picked it up yesterday and the cost of repair was $349.00. It ran like a new vehicle, we brought it home and carried off the garbage. loaded up the family and the trailer to head to Winston and find the playset and just 10 miles from home I noticed a problem. We stopped my Mt Airy Tire and discovered that one of the front brakes was locked up. After about 1.5 hours and $149.00 we were back on the road.

You know the greatesat thing through all this? I was with my family, we were close to home and knew the folks working on the vehicle, we hung out in the office of Mt Airy Tire and ate snacks and met some really great people as well as talking with some folks we hadn’t seen in years. The kids dis great.

I prayed yesterday for divine appointments and this could have been one of them.

We traveled on to Winston, found the playset, Misty and Caitlin did a little shopping at the mall and we ate at Outback Steak House. Oh yeah we topped it off by stopping at Krispy Kreme.

It was a perfect day! God is Good to us.


samuel looking cute

fire pit 14

fire pit 15

kids on a laddar

kyle christopher banner

jeep on a rack

samuel on mikes shoulders

playset 1

mike outback

kyle outback

misty outback

ronnie and samuel outback

samuel christopher outback

misty at table outback

Outback sign

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