Being a Christian is not boring!

Whoever thinks they need to reject Christ in order to have fun just doesn’t understand. For the past two weeks several of the folks from 1st Hillsville have been doing mission ministry trips. Last week we were in Inner City Atlanta working with homeless women and children and this week we are traveling around the Wytheville District doing ministry in our local area.

It has been a real blast. With the exception of missing my wife and children and grandchildren. I was able to take Misty and the 3 youngest boys with me to Atlanta but still being away from them this week is really hard. I am thankful that Misty is understanding and knows that God has called me to work in this ministry.

We had 12 youth last week in Atlanta and this week I have 3 youth. It is amazing to me the relationships that have already been built in 3 days between the youth and the adults. We have worked very hard each day and played equally as hard at night.

I have laughed so hard this evening that my face hurts. Chris Looper and I have raced the Go Carts and each won two times. However I won both times on the fast cars and that makes me the king. Looper has to buy us Red Bull for the next two days.

Anyway, Christianity is fun!


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