This day in the life of your pastor; September 10th, 2009

  1. Dinner with the family then more study time. I am blogging my thoughts on I Timothy later www.imagebearer.wordpress.comabout 11 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  2. Ran 4.6 miles, good runabout 12 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  3. Going for a run with Kenneth while Kyle rides his bicycleabout 13 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  4. Just picked Christopher up @ school & Sophie @ the groomer, not sure who was most happy to see pupaabout 16 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  5. Riding the 4 wheeler with the family, fun timeabout 19 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  6. can’t wait to start my DMINabout 19 hours ago from web
  7. just received the official notice from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. I am finished w my Masters. Graduate Jan 2010, Ceremony May 15about 19 hours ago from web
  8. Just dropped Sophie @ the groomer & Samuel is not happy about leaving herabout 19 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  9. We are all looking for affirmation, just in different ways.about 20 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  10. just heard from our friend Gary Smith, he is coming 4 a visit! Can’t wait to see you Gary! We’re gonna have a bonfire & talk all night!about 21 hours ago from web
  11. I think the hardest thing 4 a pastor is when people ask 4 Godly advice & they go ahead & do it their way anyway. @ any rate we are not Godabout 21 hours ago from web
  12. honor your mother and father 21 hours ago from web
  13. Taking Christopher to his 2nd day of school. Praying he has an awesome and great day.about 23 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  14. Don’t let anyone look down on U because U R young, but set an example 4 the believers N speech, N life,N love, N faith & N purity. I Tim 412about 24 hours ago from web
  15. TGIT-Thank God It Is Thursday and I have the day off to be with the family and study.4:28 AM Sep 10th from TwitterBerry

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